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Idham – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 So far, I have spoken about my dear mother, her struggle to bring me to this world and her devotion to my welfare. I have also spoken about how she dotted over me and she spent a lot of time and effort in the business of loving me unconditionally. However,...

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Idham – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Most of my childhood memories before the age of four are nothing more than bits and pieces, they are mostly faint and surreal images that seem to be in the process of fading out of my mind but never quite getting erased. I have very few images of when I was...

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Idham – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 I have already told you about the problem of choosing a starting point in life. For the sake of this book, I shall choose the day of my birth as my terminus a quo. I was born in the tiny village of Kampung Kemubu where my parents lived and worked. They were...

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Idham tells his story

Prologue Life is a journey. This is all we know about it. We do not truly know the starting point of this journey for where do we choose? Do we choose the point at which we are simply an idea in the mind of the creator? Or perhaps we choose the point at which we begin...

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