This is A website created by a retiree who believes he can still be useful to the world

a life time of learning, 40 years of working, and hopefully many more years of living 


Writing …for the love of it, is my passion. Here I am writing my stories and hopefully, one day soon, these stories  will become my books.


 I get satisfaction in unlocking peoples’ potential through coaching and mentoring.   

My market place

I select quality products and share them at my market place for discerning buyers like yourself.

About ME

I was born on 26th August 1957, and my parents named me Ariffin, takig the name of the then District Officer. For primary school education, I went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Pangkal Kalong, about 20 minutes of walking, bare-footed, from my house. My father died when I was ten years old, which changed my perspective about life and became of of key milestones in my life.

Through a special selection process by the government as a step to identify bright students from poor families from rural areas, I was chosen to further my secondary education at a Baording School in Ipoh, the Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR).  This phase of my life became a corner stone in developing my self confidence. It was at STAR i turned from a shy kampung boy into a confident teenager.

I did well in my examinations and won a government scholarship to further studies in England. First to complete the A Levels and then my Bachelor’s degree.
In 1983, I graduated with BSc
Applied Physics (Hons) from Portsmouth, England.

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My value creation for you

In my blog, I will ne sharing with you my life-story. It may bore you, or it may inspire you. That is a risk I am willing to take. 

In the Coaching & Mentoring section, I will be sharing short coaching and mentoring videos. 
I will also share self-improvement, leadership, and management insights. 

I have a passion to connect people. At My Market Place, I connect sellers and buyers. However, not ordinary sellers. I choose the products I want to list for discerning buyers like yourself. In the end, I hope to help the sellers to reach to a bigger market, and help you find quality products.